Saturday, May 12, 2007

April showers bring May art openings

An art-filled week in Lowertown.


Jo Griffith said...

Another winner!

Previous homeowner said...

The artists are trying to take over Paducah Lower Town !
Paducah powers that be (and you know who you are) are allowing it !! Lets see, just exactly how many lifelong residents of Lower Town has the city of Paducah black-balled / forced out of their homes with their outlandish "walk-through inspections" ?
We are so very glad to be OUT of there !!!

Erich said...

I couldn't disagree more. The artists have helped to revitalize Lower Town and make it the wonderful place it is today.
I can honestly say, I have never lived in a more positive, friendly and welcoming place than Lower Town.

future said...

the artists never came and year by year, the house erroded falling one brick at a time in to the dirt.
the rain and th roof pass by one another hardly touching never speaking.
the cold winter wind comes an uninvited guest, sets up house in my house i can say nothing do nothing.
will it ever be as it once was, fresh paint and new. stop! stopit! sentiment was never mine. turn on the tv block out Lower Town as it stands in silence, once proud, once called Lower Town. goodbye Lower Town

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that the "old time" people of Lowertown feel that the artist have harmed Lower Town in any way. We were invited here. We have invested here and we feel badly that you feel we are to blame.

I believe with all of the money we have put into our home they have only increased the value of yours.

We ahve done our best to be good neighbors and bring a new life to Lowertown and we are here to stay.

Anonymous said...

We were given nothing ...........
we brought our own money....25 million dollars in private investment, collectively, we had rubble to renovate, what had been left to us, by the life long residents, still we want to be a part of this town, we love Paducah,
we love our new homes and the people of Kentucky.
give us peace.
new artist

Anonymous said...

We came, we opened, and we lost. That's right we lost, but we also used all our own money. Just around a half million(and we lost it all), now I know some folks just don't like change but when it's change for the better how is that bad? How can renovating homes, cleaning up a forgotten historic district, and bringing culture to an otherwise drug infested area be a bad thing? Well If the people of Paducah don't get behind this program the rest of you will leave also and they will be right back with the LowerTown they had ten years ago. We are sorry to have gone so fast but we could no longer keep our store open. It was my saddest day, like I said we put a lot of money into our project and expected to be there for awhile. We will miss LowerTown very much and thank all of you for your support while we where open. Aynex great vlogs your work keeps getting better.

Anonymous said...

Aynex, love the vlog that you have created. Can't believe the LowerTown bashing going on though. Speaking as an old timer, I love what has happened to our neighborhood. Some people choose to put blinders on and are very narrow minded. Bet they haven't set foot down here since they "left", just speaking for myself, but I am so very glad that the artists are here. Don't know all of them, but there are truly some great people, most of them have realized a dream and helped some of us old timers realize a dream also of what a great neighborhood really is and what it has become. VC